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Neurofeedback for Athletes

Athletic performance isn't just about physical prowess; it's also about mental clarity, focus, and resilience. Neurofeedback training directly targets these aspects by training your brain to function at its peak. Through real-time monitoring and feedback, our program empowers you to improve your mental game.

Whether you're a professional, college or amateur athlete, neurofeedback will help you achieve the mental edge you need to stand out against competition.  Join the ranks of elite athletes who have experienced the transformative benefits of training their minds to excel in their chosen sports.


Enhance Focus

Sharpen your concentration and stay in the zone effortlessly, even under pressure. 


Manage Stress

Decrease anxiety and equip yourself with tools to manage stress effectively, maintaining a clear mind during crucial moments. 


Optimize Cognitive Function

Improve decision-making, reaction times, and cognitive flexibility for strategic excellence. Enhance recovery from sports related brain injuries. 

Recently neurofeedback therapy has received increased attention in popular media and was described by Kirk Cousins on the recent Netflix show Quarterback


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Neurofeeback is used by many professional athletes and teams, such as the University of Notre Dame's football team, Kerri Walsh-Jennings (Olympic beach volleyball), Tobias Harris  (Philadelphia 76ers), the Italian World Cup Soccer Team, and the Canadian Olympic Ski team, among others, to improve their mental performance.


It has been shown that the use of neurofeedback in the training of professional football players, judoka, volleyball players and boxers, causes an increase in behavioral performance and in speed reaction, a decrease in blood cortisol levels and an improvement in motor coordination.

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