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What Is Neurofeedback Therapy?

Neurofeedback is a non-invasive, brain-based biofeedback intervention that trains the brain to function in healthier, more efficient ways. With the assistance of a trained clinician, neurofeedback therapy allows an individual to tap into the brain’s innate capability to self-regulate and optimize itself. Over time, dysregulation is corrected, leading to improved cognitive function, greater emotional stability, and increased quality of sleep.

Also known as EEG biofeedback, neurofeedback utilizes an electroencephalogram, a fancy word that translates from the Latin to “electric head picture.” This “picture of the brain” allows the therapist to read the electrical activity occurring underneath the scalp generated by the brain. Once we have a clear picture of the brain, we design a custom-tailored training protocol to address the associated brainwave frequencies of the targeted symptoms. Through a consistent training regimen, you will be able to shift those frequencies towards their optimal ranges, and benefit from the long-lasting results. 

Neurofeedback can help with a variety of issues...

ADD/ADHD   |   Anxiety   |   Depression

Fatigue   |   Sleep issues   |   OCD

Mood swings   |   Improving school performance

Want to increase peak performance?

As opposed to treating symptoms, peak performance training helps increase mental flexibility and can increase your mental perspective. It focuses on positive growth and personal development.


  • Go to the next level whether in the cognitive or performance arena.

  • Business executives, physicians, students, performers, and athletes have all found success.

  • Get that edge and be "in the zone."

Why It Works

Neurofeedback training or therapy operates under a learning paradigm known as operant conditioning. Through the use of positive and negative reinforcement, the client is ‘rewarded’ when specified brain states are produced. The reward parameter is absent when the brain state is not met. Over time, the brain learns to produce the rewarded brain states in the absence of training, redefining a client’s baseline level of functioning.

Is Neurofeedback Safe?

Absolutely. At the basis of all neurofeedback training lies the biological principle of neuroplasticity, a discovery that the brain continues to grow, learn, and adapt throughout life. With neurofeedback the brain is safely engaged in new patterns of activity and connectivity that promote neuroplastic changes in brain function and neurochemistry. The result is experienced as shifts in behavior, improved symptomology and overall increased quality of life.

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