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Are you suffering from debilitating anxiety or depression? Do you feel stuck? Does it feel like your medications aren't helping? Do you have trouble maintaining focus?

These are all symptoms of poor brain health. When your brain is functioning optimally, your overall well-being is greatly improved, your perspective is clearer and your goals seem more attainable.

Brain Health Coaching

Brain health coaching is designed for people seeking to optimize their neurocognitive functioning and to preserve that function over the lifespan. We will work together to implement a plan tailored for you to improve your diet, sleep, and exercise and get rid of the thoughts that keep you from achieving your dreams. A big part of brain health coaching is helping to learn about the brain and how you can take charge of your brain health.


Schedule Your Initial Consult

In this 1.5 - 2 hour consultation, we will asses your presenting symptoms and concerns. We will discuss your goals for coaching (weight loss, memory preservation, peak brain performance, adopting brain healthy habits in diet, exercise, and sleep are common brain health coaching goals) and determine what testing is needed before we begin coaching.


Testing & Assessment Session

In this session, you will be given age and symptom appropriate computerized tests to help determine your strengths and potential areas for work. You will also be given an in-office neurotransmitter test kit to help determine which supplements will benefit you.


Brain Mapping Session

If we determine that having a brain map would be of value in the coaching process, you will be scheduled for a 1.5 - 2 hour brain mapping session. We will collect several EEG recordings that will be analyzed and used in your overall brain health assessment.


Debrief Results Session

In this 1 hour session, your we will review your test results, your brain maps, and provide you a roadmap for your coaching. Based on your QEEG recordings, we may also recommend neurofeedback training to supplement your brain health coaching regimen.


Coaching Sessions

Although the number of sessions varies from person to person and with the issues addressed in coaching, most people will require 6-12 sessions over a 6-9 month time-frame.

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