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EEG / Brain Mapping 

EEGs are done prior to beginning neurofeedback. Taking a map of the brain's electrical activity allows us to determine specific areas to guide neurofeedback targets and protocols.

We also offer EEGs separate from the comprehensive evaluation involved with a neurofeedback workup. EEG provides valuable information  for medication response, psychological state, assessing attention difficulties, and cognitive function. 


Brain maps look similar to a weather radar highlighting areas of high and low activity within certain brain waves. 

Certain patterns of electrical activity match up with mental states such as anxiety, attention/focus issues, depression, OCD, and other cognitive issues. 

These are used to guide neurofeedback training. Along with reports from patients and family on symptom severity, EEGs are conducted every twenty sessions of training to evaluate response to training. 


Lorraine Morrow is one of the few therapists certified in the state of Texas to read and interpret EEG findings.


This uniquely qualifies her to take these readings into account when determining the best therapy to target individual differences patient needs. 

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